Lena Soderberg (born March 31, 1951 in Sweden; the actual Swedish spelling of this name is Lena Söderberg, but she is better known without the diacritics) appeared

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Nov 11, 2009 · 3 Responses to “NSFW November: Miss November 1972, Lena Sjööblom, “The First Lady of the Internet”” What Do the Pope and Playman Have in Common?

Lena Söderberg (born 31 March 1951) appeared as a Playmate in the November 1972 issue of Playman magazine, under the name Lenna Sjööblom.

Lena Söderberg’s photograph is an image from the November 1972 issue of Playman magazine. A 512×512 pixel crop of the image is often used in image processing

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Lenna Sjööblom User Name: magazine and film nude models that started their career in 1995 or before. Lenna Sjööblom aka Lena Soderberg.

Most people who have seen Lena Soderberg’s photo don’t know it was featured in Playman. A cropped photo from a summer 1973 issue of Playman of Lena—shoulders

(Lenna is the spelling in Playman, Lena is the Swedish spelling of the name.) Lena Soderberg (ne Sjööblom) was last reported living in her native Sweden,

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Lena Soderberg: The Playman model at the centrefold of searching the internet for “Lena Söderberg” or the “Lena image” may yield results that are

Lenna or Lena is the name given to a standard test image widely used in the field of image processing since 1973. It is a picture of Lena Söderberg, shot by

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