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Teen Mom Junkies Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom OG “Since there’s a brand new episode of teen mom 2 tonight, I thought I’d throw it back to 2 years ago when

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Teen Mom, renamed Teen Mom OG since the fifth season, is an American reality television series that premiered on December 8, 2009 on MTV. Developed as the first spin

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Teen Moms Need Support, Not Shame By Alex Ronan. Share. Share teen moms are more likely to be black or I couldn’t hide it like I thought I had to,

If you thought that the Teen Mom drama only revolved around the teens who gave birth on reality television when they were teenagers, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Thought Catalog. Thought Teen Moms What It’s Like For the prospect of education, and maintaining a ‘normal life’ as a teen mom.

Let’s Talk Month: A Teen Mom’s Perspective: by Natasha Vianna. No one thought I needed to learn anything about sexual relationships when I was er.

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Teen Moms Share Struggles Of Being Parents 23 ABC Compares Lives Of Pregnant Teen, Teen Mom And Teen Pregnant With Baby No. 2

When I asked Bailey where she thought these attitudes toward parents came from, she said, “When we do connect [teen moms] with opportunities,

The original cast of MTV’s Teen Mom and Sixteen & Pregnant are back for MTV’s upcoming series Teen Mom OG — watch the dramatic trailer here

An Interview With A Former Teen Mom Gaby Dunn. “They thought, 13 Teen Moms Explain How Drastically Their Lives Changed After Having A Baby

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